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What Is a Parenting Plan in MA?

A parenting plan is a written schedule or calendar that outlines the time children spend with each of their parents following a divorce or other custody proceeding. Despite the importance of co-parenting, establishing an effective parenting plan is challenging even under the best of circumstances.

When parents are at odds and children are caught in the middle of their dispute, the process is even more difficult. Drafting a parenting plan involves skill, negotiation, and patience.

At Kellem✶Mahoney Family Law & Mediation Group, P.C., our Hingham family lawyers draft creative parenting plans every day. We understand how important your children are and recognize the value of the time that they spend in your care.

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What Is Included in a Parenting Plan?

A comprehensive parenting plan will address the following scheduling specifics:

  • Time spent with each parent during the week/weekend
  • Pick up and drop off locations and time
  • Holiday time spent with each parent
  • Birthday celebrations of the children and each parent
  • Attendance at sports events or other activities
  • Child support & financial information

A well-defined parenting plan is not only important for parents, but also for their children. Having a detailed parenting plan allows for continuity and consistency. This is very important for children, especially following divorce or when parents live apart. Although seamless co-parenting is not often attainable, an artfully drafted parenting plan will go a long way in avoiding conflict in the future.

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