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Contempt Cases

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Once a Court Order is issued (either through Agreement or Court decision), it is assumed that the parties to a family law matter will comply with the terms of the Order for years to come. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. When one party does not fulfill their obligations to the other and violates the existing Court Order, a Complaint for Contempt may be filed. This Complaint asks the Court to enforce the Order and hold the violating party accountable for their behavior.

At Kellem✶Mahoney Family Law & Mediation Group, P.C., we have handled countless Complaints for Contempt. Our Hingham family lawyers understand how frustrating it can be when one party fails to follow a well-defined Court Order.

Although a Complaint for Contempt may be filed any time a Court Order is not obeyed, examples of violations may include a party’s failure to:

  • Pay child support or alimony as ordered
  • Follow an established parenting plan
  • Maintain health insurance coverage as ordered
  • Contribute to uninsured medical expenses as ordered
  • Maintain life insurance as ordered
  • Contribute to a child’s college expense as ordered
  • Cooperate in the transfer of marital assets as ordered

When the Court finds a violating party in contempt, the prevailing party has the option to seek reimbursement of a portion of their legal fees associated with the filing of the action.Although an award of legal fees is not guaranteed, it may serve as a deterrent.The threat of being found in Contempt (and paying the opposing party’s legal fees) often provides an incentive for people to remain in compliance with their Court Orders.

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