The Price of Peace, a Poem

Kellem?Mahoney Family Law & Mediation Group, P.C.

Figure out the Price of Peace:

the most valuable piece of advice

I’ve devised

to help clients size up

and wise up


their eyes shut

and close up.


Because when they are standing so close-up to

the close-out

of their settlement,

it’s so hard to look beyond

embattlement and toward betterment;

fear and resentments stand down

as impediments;

Impasse set in stone like concrete cement;

hard to understand what sage words

of rock-solid advice meant.


So here's some rap-at-ya tap-at-ya


to-strap-ya fears down,

flip you ‘round,

set you down on solid ground,

get-ya-ta think profound,

make decisions sound.


It’s blasted at you kindly,

silver bullets of finality,

medicinal doses of reality

restoring rationality;

replenishing your broke-up, broke-down vitality.


Yeah, it’s right there in your own pocket,

take it out and put it on,

a locket, ‘round your neck;

touching on your heart,

a heart-locket unlocking the blockage,

opening the heart’s knowledge,

an entire college of wisdom,

a key-card to unlocking the vision,

shelved inside the library of your heart,

your mind, your gut.


Open up this holy book and find

the Golden Fleece,

the Price of Peace.

Decide how much are you willing to pay,

to begin today

to put away

the soggy, shabby blanket of dank rank conflict;

The confusing disillusioning stank

Robbing your bank, emotional.


Consider this devotional:

My dearest one,

Am I ready for peace?

Can I get to that place?

Am I ready to receive grace?

Can I imagine a tomorrow

waking up without sorrow,

without the barb-wired,

brutal, muck-mired

blinding light of fight

in my face?


Wait, you mean

I can enter the ground hallowed?

Seed the fertile field lying fallow?

Dropping myself deep

into the surprisingly shallow sea.

Baptizing myself

with holy tears.

Cleansing lonely years,

Tear-wash that only fully flows

from letting the past go?


What is it worth and what should I pay?

What is fair exchange for peace?

What is the dollar value of invaluable relief?


It’s priceless when you’re lifeless,

But easily acquired,

by giving over to getting it over.


So, my friend,

ask not what your ex can do for you,

but what you can do for yourself.

Ask, and answer this

What is my price for peace?


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