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  • David’s Divorce Dictionary: Negativity
    David’s Divorce Dictionary: Negativity

    David’s Divorce Dictionary : N is for Negativity Definition: The voluntary state of mind onto which debilitating feelings glomp: fear, despair, sorrow, aggression, defensiveness, regression, ...

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  • David's Divorce Dictionary: Money
    David's Divorce Dictionary: Money

    David’s Divorce Dictionary : M is for Money Definition: In divorce, the word money means “something of which there is not enough.” Based on my observations, the typical middle class family of four in ...

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  • David's Divorce Dictionary: Love
    David's Divorce Dictionary: Love

    David’s Divorce Dictionary : L is for Love. Definition: Love, or loving someone (including oneself), is the condition of being patient, kind, forgiving, understanding, and honest . Thank you to Dr. ...

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  • David’s Divorce Dictionary: Kellems
    David’s Divorce Dictionary: Kellems

    Definition: a mechanical gripping device used to splice the ends of steel cables in elevators so that the harder they pull away from each other, the tighter the bond gets. A Kellems grip is like that ...

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  • Ripe vs. Unripe
    Ripe vs. Unripe

    Divorce On Your Mind? Fruit for Thought: Ripe vs. Unripe David’s Divorce Dictionary : R is for Ripeness Definition: As Shakespeare wrote in King Lear: Ripeness is all . In legal parlance, if a case is ...

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  • Judgment

    Definition: In divorce, the term judgment can mean 1) the Court’s ultimate decision, 2) the way each spouse views the behavior of the other, and 3) the internal process by which one makes decisions ...

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